Friday, July 7, 2017

Maker Workshop: Suminagashi (ink marbling)

  • Program Goals
    • Teach kids new skills
    • Offer the opportunity for hands-on learning
    • Promote nonfiction
Resources and Display Titles
I forgot to put out any display titles, but this was so messy that it was just as well! I did give information to several people on where to get the inks and printed instructions for a Deaf family.
The best instructions I found here at Inner Child Fun

Kids will have the opportunity to experiment with ink marbling and create beautiful marbled paper. This will be messy so wear old clothes! Registration is required and space is limited, so if you are unable to attend please let the library know. There is no age restriction, but you must have the following skills to attend:

Required skills:
  • Ability to work independently and wait patiently for assistance when needed.
  • Sufficient motor control to manipulate ink and lift paper in and out of a tub
I reminded everyone that this was messy and gave some basic instructions, emphasizing using small dots of ink and not dumping it in.

  • 7-7-17
    • Attendance: 30
    • Notes: Forgot to get the cardstock instead of construction paper. A lot of people who hadn't signed up came, but they came in groups so it was fine. This one works well with a large group.
  • 7-15-16
    • Attendance: 20
    • Notes: Next time I think I'll show the instruction video first - a lot of kids had trouble grasping the concept of just dabbing the ink onto the water. Make sure I have cardstock next time - construction paper gets too wet.

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